Day 8 – Celebrate Thanksgiving Everyday

Up here in Canada we are celebrating our Thanksgiving today, well most of us are anyways. I actually celebrated mine yesterday, provided we are using the usual definition of celebrating Thanksgiving: getting together with family and eating turkey dinner.

Another more recent trend I have noticed that is gaining more and more traction every Thanksgiving is people making wonderful posts on social media about the things they are thankful for. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely loved reading these posts today, it was a nice change from the typical nonsense you see on social media: fake news, sad news, scary news, ads for get rich quick schemes and lots of complaining.

I was very tempted to make a social media post myself today, but I decided not to and instead to write this blog post to share my point of view which is this: While I do not eat a turkey dinner with family every day, I truthfully celebrate Thanksgiving every single day.

Yes, you read that right. Every single day I take a little time and think about the good things in my life. Sometimes I think about big good things, other times I think about super small good things. Some days I have a flood gate of good things open up on me and other days it can be a challenge to find something to be grateful for.

I have been doing this for several years now and it is truly a profound habit to adopt. Since doing this I have found that I am much happier, and how could I not be? If you presently do not practice gratitude each and every day then I highly suggest you give it a try!

Day 5 – 3rd Visit to the Gym

This won’t be an overly long post, but I did want to take a minute to get it on the record. If you have gone any amount of time without going to the gym and then starting going to the gym again you likely have an idea of the pain I have been through this week seeing as it is my first trip to the gym in over 10 years.

My first visit to the gym was a free “trial” class, which was only actually 2/3 the amount of work as a full regular class I have learned. This trial class took place on September 27, 2017 and I was sore as absolute hell right up until the night before my first real class which was October 2, 2017.

The pain of the first real class lasted well into the second class on October 4, 2017, but a funny thing happened after this class. I actually felt good and it has stayed that way. I actually didn’t even realize I wasn’t in pain anymore until earlier today when I was getting ready to head to my third class.

The third class is now long over and again I feel fantastic! Moral of the post is this: if you are putting off getting some exercise or joining the gym because you don’t want to deal with after pain of working out you can rest assured the pain is temporary.

I won’t sugar coat this- those first couple of days sucked! Really bad! I could barely move my legs. But, I stayed focused on my goals and was able to take the pain in stride.

Goal – Do a Polar Dip

I have had this idea kicking around in the back of my head for quite awhile now but have never officially made it a goal, until now. Every year at the beach that is about 2.5 Km down the road there is an annual Polar Dip on New Years Day. They usually have a fantastic turnout at this event. Hell, myself my beautiful wife and two boys and ventured down to watch last January 1.

This year I am hopeful my wife and boys will come down to the beach again but this time to watch me take part in the polar dip. If they are up for it I’ll be sure to have her record my dip so I can post it here to share!

While this goal may seem silly to some, it’s a big deal for me. To start, we live in Atlantic Canada on a picturesque bay name the Bay of Fundy which is attached to the Atlantic Ocean. In January this water is usually around 3.2 degrees Celcius/37.8 Fahrenheit- it’s pretty well, quite literally, freezing!

The second reason this is such a huge goal for me is that I am presently (October 5, 2017) quite out of shape. Today is only Day 4 of the Year of Getting Healthy after all- with that said, I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror so I am absolutely positive no one down the beach on January 1 wants to see the current me come plunge into the water. Thankfully, I plan to be in much better shape by January 1, this way small children won’t cry when I shed my clothes down to my bathing suit to take my first ever Polar Dip!

Do you have any big goals for January 1 set yet? If your answer is “loose wight”, “exercise”, “eat better”, etc. I implore you to just get started now. Why wait another few months? I easily could have waited until January 1 to start the Year of Getting Healthy, but why bother? Monday, October 2, 2017 sounded like a fantastic time to start!

With that said- what can you do tomorrow, or ever today, that can get you started towards your health goals? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


The Truth About the Year of Getting Healthy

As I sit here and write this post the date is October 3, 2017. Today is officially the second day of the Year of Getting Healthy project, however to be totally honest that is a complete and utter lie. Today is actually the 750th day of the “year” of getting healthy project. That’s right, I registered this domain way back on September 14, 2015.

You see, I came up with this great idea over two years ago to create a website to track my efforts to get as healthy as I could in a one year period. To more or less turn my life around, at least from a health standpoint. Seeing as nothing else was holding me accountable, I figured if I created a website it would force me to be accountable. Things didn’t quite work out that way however.

I have likely posted a “day 1” type posts on this website at least a dozen times in the past two years, and even made it a solid 2-3 weeks with one run before quitting. All only to be deleted a few days, weeks or months later when I decided to start over again.

There are endless reasons I gave myself for quitting, stalling, and putting of starting again- mostly revolving around simply not having half a clue what I was doing and not wanting to look like an idiot on the Internet. I have now realized that both of these and all the other myriad of reasons I gave myself to quit and put off actually buckling down and figuring this stuff out were all just excuses and justifications I created to avoid doing something that I thought was hard.

I believe, that over the course of the last few decades humans, especially here in the west, have grown way to comfortable, to the point that we aim to avoid pain at all costs. This doesn’t just relate to exercising either. It applies to practically everything; education, work ethic, family life- you name it, when the going gets tough we, more often than not, quit. Just look at the number of overweight and out of shape people, the amount of high school, college and university dropouts, the amount of unemployed people, the amount of divorces and broken homes… we have become a society of quitters who jump ship at the first sign of pain.

There are obviously exceptions to this rule, but I do think a lot of our current cultural problems revolve around us being… whimps. If you are perfectly happy with your life and feel you have achieved all that you want to achieve then yeah- I guess you’re done and you do not need to reach anymore. Though I think this mindset should be saved for when you find yourself on your deathbed. If you are still capable of doing things, anything at all, than I think you should always be pushing yourself towards achieving something new.

You don’t have to push yourself towards something huge and inconceivable, especially if you’re just starting out, but to truly live we need to have our eyes set on goals that will push us not only to our limits to achieve, but well beyond what we thought our limits were. Each and every time we reach one of these goals we grow and realize we were capable of more than we thought we were. If you do this enough times you will completely blow your mind on what you are able to achieve, and that my friends is my definition of a good life.

With that said, I am beyond confident that this will be the last ever Day 1 (even though it really is Day 2) post that you will see on this website. I am now beyond determined to achieve my goal of completing the Year of Getting Healthy- I started at the gym yesterday, I am sticking to water and made some serious changes to my diet. Am I perfect today? Absolutely not, and I doubt that I ever will be. I can however confidently say that I am better today than I was yesterday and that is a trend which I tend to firmly follow.

I will cut my lecture there, but I will add in a video of a truly amazing man whose story aligns very closely with the message I am trying to get across with this post. What have you been putting off getting started on, and what small step can take towards that goal right now? Leave a comment about it and than go do it!